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Shadow of The Colossus

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Anyone else interested in this game? I personally can't wait for it to come out (which should be in about two months). It's one of the few games coming out this year that really pushes the PS2 hardware to its limits.

See, the point of the game is to traverse miles of landscape to find and destroy 16 colossi-- to get the girl back, of course. The focus of this game isn't action, though: those 16 bosses are the only enemies in the game. But they're HUGE. I mean, FUCKING HUGE. One creature is a flying-dragon-type thing that could easily be two football fields long. Other creatures include boar-like creatures and knight-shaped golems with huge bludgeoning weapons. You defeat them by climbing up their enormous frames to find their weak spots and strike. After killing a colossus, you then travel to find the next one.

The main draw of this game for me is that it's saturated with atmosphere and personality. Since it's by the makers of Ico (and is sort of a sequel, albeit a loose one), you can expect the game to convey strong emotions of isolation and hope hanging by a thread. Below is some guy's homemade video of in-game footage; it should give you a good idea of what to expect. Check it out-- and buy the game on October 18th.


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I've only seen a few pics of it in a mag but didnt get a chance to read the article, but it looked pretty damn cool! It's just for Ps2 though?
I'm going to look it up today, the climbing on enemies part reminds me of Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, where you can climb ontop of giant hulkbusters and smash em.

Thats the game im looking foward too, cause it's a freeroamer and your the hulk, so you can just demolish ANYTHING you want. It comes out in 3-4 days depending where you buy it. And its for all 3 systems.

Did Shadow of the Colossus get any reviews yet? Hulk got some pretty good ones so far.

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Reportedly, the smallest colossus is in the shape of a bull, twice the height of the main character and extremely fast. The rest are, uh... colossus-sized. The largest one I've seen, however, stretches almost halfway to the horizon:


I haven't seen much in the way of hands-on previews, but what I can tell is that this game is pretty much like no other.

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