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Vavoom is a bit odd

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Tried out Vavoom. It's pretty cool. Two questions though, maybe someone can answer them for me.

1. Does anyone have any issues with sound? On my machine, some of the sounds are way too low (such as the shotgun) and some are really loud (such as Doomguy dying). It's really weird and buggy.

2. How come Doomsday supports interpolation on models and Vavoom doesn't? If they're both using the md2 format, shouldn't they both have interpolation? Or is this because of Vavoom's incorporation of the Quake code (Quake does not support interpolation as far as I know).

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MD2 just stores frames of the model, the interpolation has to be done by the software. So if the programmer didn't program it, well, there's no interpolation between frames.

And you might want to ask question about Vavoom in the Vavoom forum :)

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Some of those problems are just because Vavoom isn't very polished yet. It's got a lot of bugs yet, but in the future, they'll be fixed.

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