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texture error

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I'm fairly new at this so I'll try to be breif...

What does R_InitTextures mean? I loaded a patch into XWE for my wad and it comes up fine in Doom Builder, but whenever I try to test my map a message pops up and says, "1 errors found in R_InitTextures." What is going on here?


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I'm using a PNG file. I'm not sure if this type of file is ok or not, but the patches I did see in other wads were PNG so w/e. Just letting you know. :)

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I just tried placing a PNG using the DOOM palette in a wad with XWE and Doom2 didn't complain but it didn't look right; I usually use BMPs, just in case. Here it seems like something is wrong with either the patch or its relation to the TEXTURE lump (which specifies how patches will be displayed.) The texture should be listed in PNAMES (a list of all the patches used), and then its size and alignment should be considered in TEXTURE1 (or TEXTURE2.) Note that if your patch is named and sized like an existing one, you don't need to modify these two lumps.

I believe also that Doom95 reacts differently if there's something wrong with a graphics lump. If you're using this engine, perhaps it's terminating simply because it doesn't like the PNG.

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