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Best maps for vanilla doom?

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hi there,
can u recommend very good maps? i prefer maps with custom textures... that works with vanilla doom. i like to play on detailed maps, like phobos mod etc...
thanks, sin

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The fact that a map is for vanilla limits the amount of detail that can be used, but the following spring immediately to mind:
Eternal (eternal)
Alien Vendetta (av)
Kama Sutra (ksutra)
Requiem (requiem)

The filename is in brackets, so to find Alien Vendetta in the archive, search for av.zip, etc.

BTW, I have responded more to your post than your thread title - though these would all be high on my list of "best"/favourite wads too.

You could also try:
Darkening (darken)
Darkening 2 (darken2)
Dystopia3 (dyst3)
Rebirth (rebirth)
Mordeth (mordeth)
Slayer (slayer) <- no custom textures though

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All what Grazza said, plus

-Bloody Night.
-Punisher for a crazy blood bath (ala map 32 from Plutonia, made by the same author with the same style).

Give a look to the "ten years of DOOM" section, absolutly all the wads there are kick ass.

Also try Osiris (new textures, sprites, monsters).

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As well as the two Memento Mori megawads (mm.wad and mm2.wad) insanely beautiful at times though maybe not the toughest wads around.

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