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need help with boss shooter

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When a monster spawns in a spawn spot, it should either die when another monster spawns, or move when it sees you. Well, in my wad, the monsters clot, they all get stuck in the spawn spot unless they move. So i would have to make them all move before the shooter comes around again.... how do i fix this?

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Your level has to replace map30...as the game engine applies certain telefrag properties to levels in that slot that it doesn't in every other level. Boss spawners won't work properly otherwise, so I've heard.

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You don't have to make it map30 - with a bit of care you can use a boss shooter in other maps without this being such a problem.

You could reduce the problem by having a large number of spawn spots, so it takes quite a long time before a monster is due to spawn at the same one again.

And/or you could arrange it so that the monsters are very likely to see or hear the player, and so will move off their spots. You could do so by making sure the player wil be trapped within this area, and getting hassled enough that he'll have to use weapons.

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