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Can someone tell me what it is exactly?
I used to think it was replacing the doom levels with levels of the same theme from scratch, but when I checked out the thread, I didn't see any references to old map names, did it used to be this, if not what is that project? and I'm not thinking of Freedoom, I think. If torn did a replacement of the abandoned mines for Freedoom, then i guess I am.

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BlackFish said:

maybe you should goto the community chest 3 forum?

I didn't want to bug them, coming into their serious thread, there is so little clutter there, I don't want to change that. you should know, aren't you the one that held a poll to keep it going and head the project?

I didn't see a community chest FAQ anywhere, all I know is that its a megawad.

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So you seriously doesn't know what Community Chest is?

Search the idgames archive and download 1 and 2 then.

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thanks, and oh that other thing WAS freedoom I had just played it using Doom II resources cause I found torns map on their status page - stupid me.

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