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Adding MP3 and MOD In Doom!

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use zdoom. rename a lump to something that stands out (no d_*), then, rename the mp3 you wanna put in to .lmp. then, with wintex, you select the lump that's in the wad (whatever you renamed it to), then you goto "Load entry from file". you select your mp3, rename it to d_whatever (replace whatever with proper song name like runnin or stalks), and viola! you can play mp3s and mods in zdoom. make sure you have a recent 1.23 beta, cause mp3s and mods in 1.22 sound like utter shit.

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i use wintex for that !

rename the music file with the lump extension (.lmp)

Open wintex and go to the DataLump section.

Load entry files and choose COLORMAP

select you music file .lmp

rename the COLORMAP with D_andyourfilename

Save your wad

7- try your music wad and ENJOY !

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edge is a bit more complicated. you have to edit the playlist.ddf file, with the following:

[???] MUSICINFO=MP3:FILE:"mp3\\whatever.MP3";

that would play a mp3 called whatever.mp3 in a sub-directory (of edge) called mp3. you can change the dir to whatever (or put in none, just remove mp3\\) and it'll work. but the mp3 player isn't exactly the greatest. and change the ??? to any number that isn't being used.

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