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My new wad, worked on for a while.

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I worked really hard on this on and off for a few months. Please play it and tell me what think. Also if you give me a demo while you're playing it I would really apprecieate it. I like to see others play my level. It's all tested and supports all settings and multiplayer, thanks alot people! Really apprecieate it.

also be careful when entering the bfg room, the room crushes you when you enter, but it's still more the possible to get the gun.


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it was okay. kind of void of any central theme and a bit messy in some ways and full of texture missalignments but twas okay :thumbsup: seemed like the way a lot of wads were made back in the day.
is this your first one?

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Well I started off with a wad that had 46 secrets in it, then I made one or two short joke wads, but this is my second serious attempt at a wad. Just wanted to throw in a bunch of ideas for good secrets and etc I thought of into one level. Since it is just a level of some ideas I had it really had no theme, I just sort of went with it as I went along.

For my 46secrets wad click here:


Literally the first time I did anything in doom, the entire thing was just one huge learning curve. Literally the first room I ever made is the starting room, and the first door I made was the starting door. With that wad I accomplished a long dream I had of a wad having the most secrets, and I managed to cram 46 secrets in this, ranging from easy to find, to insane to find.

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played your escape.wad. pretty challenging at some points. the end was a little too boss filled for me. I do agree with foofoo in that it varies to much in theme. maybe some different choices in textures is some places, like the pit and pillar rooms. I love the teleport hopscotch room (sorry, couldn't think of a better way to describe it) and the teleporter maze. keep up with puzzle oriented stuff. I liked some of the secrets you came up with, although I couldn't find em all yet.

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