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[Bug Report] Error 6 when loading map--Overflow

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Well, I get this error when trying to load any map from original IWADs, like Doom.wad, Doom2.wad, etc.

Any ideas?
In the configuration I have chosen DOOM.wad as my Ultimate Doom IWAD and then I want to open a map from this wad.

BTW old editors like Windeu can read those wads so I think there's nothing wrong with the wads, but I really love this new editor and wanna try out :( at least it looks more user-friendly :)
I have already reported this as a bug but I think I'd better to speak again on the Forum, so that if someone else has met this program they can help me.

*If the moderator recieved my bug report and find this thread useless plz delete it.

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I've also tried the 1.66 which you posted on the othe thread, not working neither :'(

Anyway, looking forward to the next version.

BTW, anyone encountered this before?

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