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A couple new add-on wads coming soon to my website!

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Attention, I have created a couple of add-on wads which I will be posting soon on my website. One is a sprite replacement wad and the other is a weapon replacement wad. Please be patient while I will try and upload these two to my site later on. I'll give you some details about them.

Sprite replacement: This wad not only includes sprites but also music and sound. Most of the enemies are marines, aircrafts or robots. The only enemies which are neither, is the demon and arch-vile. The demon is Alien and arch-vile is...arch-vile. I credit those people for their sprites that I combined all into this wad.
P.S.: Some of the sounds are funny to a couple of the enemies. The Mancubus and Pain elemental have funny death sounds.

Weapon replacement: This wad has all new sprite graphics for the weapons. There is a small level on level 31 to test out these weapons and one last notice, there is no dehacked for these guns. It's only a weapon replacement. The weapons are cool looking and are neat to have while kicking demon butt.


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