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The Ultimate Fan Story

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Well, I want this thread to get some proper attention, as I think the community involved at zdoom.org deserve praise for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears (but mostly blood) that has gone into this forum-based RPG story.

I'm exceptionally surprised that this idea of mine got off the ground so well, and I'm constantly amazed at the various tangents that people manage to come up with, keeping the story interesting. Keep an eye on the character Wills: His transformation into a demon and Hell offering to make him the new Prince of Darkness is a great example of the massive amounts of creativity that envelops this story.

Also, please give feedback here, not in the story thread; I don't want it all gunked-up. Thanks :)


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At this point, I'm not sure if I want to join the game or not, since it seems like it's always an awkward time to join in.

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Yeah, you're right. Chapter 3 should be starting soon, though, after we destroy Satan. I'm currently working on adapting the story into a book/short story. It's going well, so far.

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