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Reason why there isn't a coop mode for this game.... D3 woes...

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It is hard making a coop mode for Doom3 because 99% of Doom3 is scripted storyline based... just like HL1 & HL2.

it's just that sometimes when you cross over a bridge in D3, it falls down.. just as soon as you step off...

what will happen to your team mate left behind?

To be able to achieve a coop mode:

I'd say is not to trigger anything yet, until the last person

same goes for when you bump into scientists and it goes into dialog mode.... the first one to trigger this event ..everyone will see this event on their screens

Does anyone know how to program a mod for Quake3? a coop mod? following these principles above?

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Doom3 doesn't need co-op, it's easy enough playing it alone. And I played that co-op mod someone did, to say the least that was pure garbage. Anywho, I'm a lone wolf, so I prefer going solo.

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