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Mindless Rambler

Deathmatch levels

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I making my first DM level set and I don't play Doom online so I wouldn't know how DM levels work, but do DM levels need an exit or anything like that? So far each level is just a level with weapons in it so just wanted to know...

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Mindless Rambler said:

For those of you that like to play Doom DM of course :)

It's hard to get a handle on what makes a good DM map without actually playing DM.

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dominion used the exit switch to enable you to replay that level or switch to another level, die on exit is only an option to set in dmflags.

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DM levels need to be arena like in that people will stay in one main are of it to fight. But wou will want to have some side areas for poeple to wander off in. They cant be too big, or too small either of these isnt good. Giving your DM levels a unique feel is what sets them apart use textures and othe things in mine I have a fire place.

Some tips though, the plasma gun and BFG tend to turn the tides of a DM match, unless everyone can get them make them kinda difficult to get. Make sure there are enough spawning spots, I like to go with 8 you can go more of course. TRy to put weapons in the spawning spots so people can start attacking right away, if the level is slow people will skip it when they host your wad. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Put cool music in you wad that way even if the level sucks people will play it just for the song. Also post some images and things here to get feed back from the people here, thier responses will tell you all you need to know.

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