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Final DOOM and Ultimate DOOM unoficial patch

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Well, I'm working in a series of patches for The Plutonia Experiment, TNT-Evilution, and Thy Flesh Consumed. What do these patches do? Well, they add a new boss for each one without replacing any sprite, works with both, vanilla and source ports exes. They also include little modifications to the end maps to allow the proper boss battle.

So far the patch for Plutonia is ready, you really face now a Gate Keeper, near the gateway of hell. The dificult now is on par with the Casali brothers' idea of the hardest oficial episode.

What I'm asking now is ideas for the other two episodes, what kind of boss would you put in? Yes, I'm talking about new sprites, and behavior. This is something that I dreamed to do from a long time, and just now decided and learned how to do. As I want this to be a surprise for players, please if you have an idea send me a PM instead of posting here.

Okey lets do a thing, I'll send a copy of the first patch to whoever send me real suggestions (based on what you expected/wanted to see at the end of these). As I'm not a real sprite artist (still I have made a good boss for Plutonia), please take that in mind. Also take in mind that I don't want to modify much the levels (still some modifications are needed).

And for these that are suspicious, no, the patchs do not include ilegal stuff, you still must have the games to play them. And yes, I'm aiming to do something as good as if it was done by the original authors.

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No, I don't think I can. But a super cyberdemon? Yawn. Difficult, yes, but original? That could be debated. Of course, you said yourself you're not a real sprite artist, so that explains it.

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Yeah a super cyber for Plutonia. The first time I played through Plutonia I secretly expected to see something like that at the end (even knowing that most probably no new monsters were included). As my idea is to make it look as part of the oficial games, unlike DOOM 2.5 I can't include rips from other games, and as I'm far from a sprite artist, well, my chances are reduced some. Still the super cyber fit with the idea of a hard episode. The sprites are well fited you'll can't see any "misaligned" part.
The dificult is on par with Eidolon from Hexen II, probably it's too much, I'll see if I reduce it a bit.

I have sent you both the files.

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I know people hate recolors, but if your going to change the behaviour on the cyberdemon and can't do much editing, at least do some nifty recoloring. I think Agent Sporks recolors in particular look pretty wicked on his Simplicity website.

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