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problems with my computer

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ive got a problem and im not sure how to fix it. its been happening for about 2 weeks now, and i still cant seem to figure out what it is. i start up my computer and once im in windows i get a message sayin that an error has occured. then i get a message saying flash_mmio_map device io control error.
two other problem that have been happening, that i only notices happening since ive been getting these error messages is, that my lan card doesnt work when i try and play against my brother on his computer...but that just might be a bug with my lan card...and that i keep having files i havent looked at in days, reapear in my 'recent documents folder'

ive got the latest update with my norton antivirus, and nothing shows up. ive also tried different spyware removal programs and not much happens. does anyone know what might be causing this? i dont want to have 2 re format my hard drives again...

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Sounds more like a driver/hardware issue rather than a virus.

You may want to try updating your various hardware drivers and see if that makes a difference.

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i dont think its a driver issue, ive been using the same programs for the last few months, and havent had an problems so far. i also havent installed anything new. this has just been happening resently, i dont know how.
thanks for your help anyways...ill try updating my drivers but i dont think it has anything to do with that.

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Definitely sounds like a hardware problem, try disabling some of your devices in Device Manager (or manually disconnecting them inside your PC). Also try uninstalling your current video card drivers and use the default VGA ones for a while.

Other things to try:

1. Check your system temperatures in the BIOS, and make sure all your fans etc. are working properly under the hood (including the power supply fan).
2. Start "MSCONFIG" from the Run dialog, go to the Startup tab, disable all the entries and reboot. This should remove any rouge background application that may be causing your problem(s).
3. Try setting your BIOS to it's default settings.
4. Reinstall any driver packages you have installed (for video, sound etc.).

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