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Pete The Padre

Most Memorable Doom Experience

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Bumping this after 3 weeks... DON'T shoot me.

I have a good memory from my first time trying to beat all the games on UV without dying. This was like something scripted for a movie. I had Doom and D2 out of the way and was in TNT30. I was breezing through it, I thought this was the easier of the 3 Icon of Sin levels, except I could never get my rockets to go into the bastard to kill it. I hadn't figured out that you had to stand on the top step instead of the actual top level (or is it the 2nd to top step? I forget). So I thought this would be the end of my no-dying run but I was gonna give it a shot.
Anyway, I got a little overzealous fighting the Barons up there, and I thought I fired enough rockets to kill the 2nd one, and turned around before it actually hit and wasn't paying enough attention to realize I never heard his death noise. I went up to the top level and started to shoot a rocket when I got blasted from behind. It knocked me into the correct position and my rocket made contact and I heard the Icon scream. Then it hit me where I had to be, unfortunately the Baron was FUCKING ME UPSIDE DOWN from behind. I killed him but was now low on health.
While all this was going on the Icon had been spawning monsters down in the pit. I went up to blast the Icon and had to dodge a barrage of plasma from a few Arachnatrons, there was a single Imp at the top level too but I took care of him quick. I started firing rockets that were auto aimed down to the closer enemies below, and was taking damage from plasma, trying to dodge, waiting for a rocket to head straight, trying to stay on the top step all this time. Finally with my health down to 4% and a skull box sailing over my head a rocket went straight and into the Icon, killing it just as I heard another Baron get spawned behind me. As the Icon exploded, I got killed by the Baron, but I still got the victory screen and story because I killed the Icon before I died. I took that as mission accomplished.

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I always remember first times I played Doom2. I don't remember the level, but I was pretty scared of all those dark places, but I saw no enemies (you know the feeling). Well, I walked forward and again, nothing, then I decided to run and when I turned right, one pink daemon appeared from the dark. I was scared to death almost :D. I flew to floor and same time made a scream.


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