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Looking for an EDGE wad

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A while back a guy (I think his name was something like KrOnOs) posted an EDGE mod that ported Doom 3 stuff to Doom 2, with all the weapons resprited with the Doom Guy gloves etc.

I believe levels were in progress, but I can't find it on WIP anymore.

Does anyone still have it, and is it known as to whether I'm allowed to use resources from it (ie. the readme gives the ok)?

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Ajapted said:

I bet many are waiting for the full 1.29 release. Shouldn't be too long now.

Thats great to here!! I heard you were leaving the edge team, thats a great shame...

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Ajapted said:

We're past the point of no return for software mode.

Which is fine, as people don't use EDGE to just play doom - its for the mods. And all these new mods use GL stuff like dynamic lighting etc. And if you want to use old weapon mods, there is still a software version of 1.27 or 1.28, so you can still play ICD-SE in software mode.

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