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blastdoor doom :P

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\_/\_/allis here,
here to tell you that in an attempt to combat boredom i made this, it took like 3/4 of an hour, and it was hard, the letters aren;t equal in size, nor are they very well done, but the i think the colouring is okay. it was made through blast doors and colouring in garry's mod. I know...i know, garrys mod is a halflife2
mod, but i don't really care, i practically live on Gmod, doesn't change the fact i think DooM is the greatest and most influental game ever made.

tell me if the links don't work, or if the two pictures are the same.

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The flaming stuff you made with the decals is pretty cool, and making logos out of blast doors is actually a new idea to my knowledge.

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it is to mine as well
Edtit: i don';t want to bump my tiny little thread...so here,

i made an imp at the bottom now...

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