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wad midi music

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hello everybody, im a midi collector, and i was wondering if anybody has any downloads in separate midi form for the following wads:

memento mori
memento mori 2
alien vendetta
hell revealed 2

if anybody who made these wads has a problem with me asking for the midis, please tell me and i will stop asking for yours.

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Just extract the midis using XWE or Wintex. (Wintex preferred, since it can extract straight midis if it's a mus file, otherwise XWE.)

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wintex keeps saying that it cant find vbrun.dll. i even pasted it into the directory and it still wont work. so, if you have an idea of what is going on, please tell me. In the meantime, i will try the other suggestion

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Bashe said:

Put the vbrun.dll in your system and system32 folder.

somehow it still wont work :( is there possibly anything else i could have missed? I also got XWE, but im not sure how to convert the mus to midis.

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I recall having that issue once. Is that WinTex 5.0? I had the problem with an earlier version, I believe.

If you have vbrun300.dll, you have the right thing.

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