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Doom: World Carnage League needs a coder (plus here's a demo)

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I need a programmer to help me out with a current doom project of mine entitled Doom:World Carnage League. I need some modifications made to the ZDoom code to enable certain features I would like to include. I would do it myself, but my coding is rusty, I'm not familiar with the ZDoom source and I'd rather spand my time building maps/tracks for the mod.

Before I get newproject tagged, let me say that I have some work to show.

Here's 1 complete map/track finished for the game....

http://www.duellist.net/dwcl-cl.zip (4.3mb)

This is the first map for the game and is fully playable. You'll find more information about the project in the text file.

Some of you will have already seen a version of this wad. This newer version has a temporary staging area (so there's no need to warp to map02). I've also removed some of those messages that obscured the score display.

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