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New Doom 2 Pinball

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Hi. Some of you might remember a couple of Doom pinball tables I made for Visual Pinball some years ago. I continued working on pinball tables, striving for much higher quality, but didn't release any more. I made a new version of my Doom 2 Pinball, vastly superior to the released version, and it was pretty much finished when I lost interest at the start of 2003. I hadn't touched it since, but a personal message right here on Doomworld got me to finish it for release. I'll release it shortly. It is based on my earlier Doom 2 Pinball, but I remade it from scratch, and the quality and amount of work put into it is at a whole different level. It is made to play and look just like a real, modern pinball machine.

Is there any way this can be hosted here at Doomworld? I have screenshots and a flyer showing the playfield and detailing the rules, if anyone wants them or have some place I can upload them.


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