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New Features for DoomDS

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Hello all, I've been using Doom Builder for about 2 weeks now and have mastered it, its a fantastic editor and I am using it to create the levels in DoomDS.

There is a new feature that I would like to impliment into the DoomDS engine that I'm calling a Split Sector.
A Split Sector is a false floor/ceiling that is drawn exactly as the floor and ceiling is drawn, but you have control over the position of it. The Split Sector would be double sided by default and would have its own set of flags, effects, lighting, and its own action tag.

You would be able to select "Split Lighting" and then define the brightness and color of the light on either side of the split for complete control.

The split could be made transparent, perfect for effects such as water or fog/cloud.
You could give the split an action tag and use it for lifts with wire floors.
The uses are limited only by your imagination.

I've made an example picture of how the controls for the split could be implimented into Doom Builder's "Edit Sector Selection" panel.

I've put alot of thought into its layout and I think it would work great in Doom Builder.

Let me know what you think.


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Codeimp is usually not keen on adding general features that are specific to one port. Most ports do things in a way that makes most editors work with them for the most part (i.e. doing it by lines or scripts).

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Answer summary: no. now go away.

Extended answer:
First of all your proposed sector properties dialog is very cluttered. Its a big mess. But that doesnt matter, because I dont like the idea anyway. Like Mancubus already said, I dont like engine-specific things in there. If you are wise, you make all of your special effect possible in the same way other engines do; by using the features available (tags, line actions, sector effects, etc.).

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I wasnt asking for you to impliment it into Doom Builder, i know people who can do this for us. I was just after feedback on the control setup.

A series of tabs accross the top of the panel, to switch between the different sections would be better, to keep the overall size of the panel down. I dont think its too cluttered. Ive seen and used alot more cluttered menus then that. It could be improved with the tab setup though.

Lines and scripts are just plain messy. We are trying to keep things as simple as possible.

This engine is not for the PC, DoomDS is not being designed with ports in mind, its a stand alone project. Custom maps will be supported, so we are making sure everything is as easy as posible to use.

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I wouldnt change much about Doom Builder, its a great program. The 3D mode is facntastic, with the texture alignment ability it is really very easy.

We want to allow alignment of floor and ceiling textures in DoomDS. That way the levels wont seem as though they are fixed to a grid.

Better control for scrolling textures is also on the to-do list.

I havent tried to play around with any kinds of sloped surfaces or 3D architecture. Is this supported in Doom Builder?
I'd like to give it a shot.

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Defect said:

I havent tried to play around with any kinds of sloped surfaces or 3D architecture. Is this supported in Doom Builder?

No, but support for slopes will be there whenever I get around finishing the next version.

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Programming and application/system design. Its not a full time job, its just something to make some money at the side. Im still "in school" studying these kind of things, hope to be done with that in 2 years from now.

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I'm glad to see someone who is becoming so fanatical about DOOM is working on a console/handheld rendition.

nxDOOM (Dreamcast)
XBOX Legacy

all have been abandoned. :/

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