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HELP? New at doom builder

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I want to make a 32 level wad where I copy one level from one wad to my wad then for level 02, I copy from another wad to my wad and so on. I want to make it so I have all the master levels in one wad.

If I do make one level, how do I make another?

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You can use "Save Into", but make sure you set your map name accordingly before saving into another wad file or you might overwrite an existing map in there. Alternatively, you can use wad merging tools which are built for this purpose. Look at the utility pages here at Doomworld.

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signofzeta said:

is this thread considered illegal?

Are you afraid some cop will come ringing your door bell because you asked how to merge some wads?

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I believe he's more concerned about the fact that he's modifying a purchased product.

It's fine so long as you don't link to it in here I believe. You bought it, they're your copies and you may do what you see fit with them so long as you don't redistribute it.

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