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SvStrife 1.0 released (updated 9-12-05)

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edit, 1.0 has been released, which you can get here:
sources - ftp://dsv@server1.thefourwinds.net/svstrife/SvStrife_1.0_Src.zip
SvStrife is a guess work source port recreating Strife using Prboom 2.2.3 sources.

September 6, 2005
-Prevented dropping inventory item from spawning past walls/objects
-Replaced hud message with a new one. Messages now wrap and break into a new line.
-Updated/improved Shopkeepers
-Updated/improved Grenade Launcher (loosely based on Zdoom's code)
-Cleaned out Hud code removed all unused Doom functions, added key list pop up screen (finally)
-Implented missing switches
-Door sounds 100% completed and updated
-Added teleporter beacon
-Added all endings
-Corrected MF_BOSS flag. Mobj now plays sounds at full volume
-Added support for health/ammo tokens
-Updated grenades (now bounces off walls)
-Corrected crash when inventory item amount displayed over 999 (created a new counter from scratch and removed the Hexen based counter)
-Updated/improved Inquisitor
-Corrected crash when SvStrife loads with no cfg file
-save files used for switching between levels are now stored in a folder called 'hubdata'
-implented more line specials (may still be missing some)
-Map 10 Macil can now be talked to (wasn't set as a npc before)

There are a few minor things that needs to be implented -
missing linedef types (need to run though strife again and see what I missed)
Slideshows (during Macil's speech on maps 3 and 10)
Look/MouseLook - this may be tricky to do
Corrected translation tables for the shopkeepers

feel free to add comments etc by email

Here are some screenshots of the latest version:

Like I said, SvStrife is very close to being completed and fully playble, once I get that done I will be able to port it over to Doomsday (JStrife) and maybe Eternity..

Enjoy.. or something.

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Theres going to be another update soon. There were some bugs that I forgot to fix for beta 5. For the slideshow part, that has been fixed just now as well as the Doom zombie/exit glitch (exiting to another hub on 0 health is BAD) and a few other small stuff.

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Update again, Svstrife is no longer beta and has finally entered version 1.0. It can now run though the entire strife game without any problems (so far)

Here are the updates-

September 10, 2005
-Mouselook and looking finally implented
-MBF dogs replaced with rebel allies
-Punch/dagger updated
-Slideshows (during Macil's speech on maps 7 and 10) implented
-New savegame directory structure
-Map07/Map10 glitch fixed
-Map02/post prgrammer sky bug fixed
-Remaining missing linedef types implented
-Overlapping hud message fixed
-Menus updated and replaced doom patches
-MBF dogs/allies respawn when killed
-Added 'JIMMY' cheat (spawns all keys in front of the player rather than just give it to him)
-Fixed dropping dengin ore from inventory bug
-Falling damage is more severe
-Missing animated textures/flats added
-Removed some unused lumps from the svstrife wad

For the MBF dogs, they are replaced with Rebel allies. When killed, they respawn in a few minutes.
Here's yet another stupid screenshot of allies in action

since Svstrife is done, its now open to additional features and options. If there is anything you think could help improve svstrife, let me know via email. Enjoy.

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Bug: SvStrife tries to execute my Doom2 IWAD instead of my Strife IWAD.

The contents of stout.txt:

svstrife v1.0 (email: svkaiser@gmail.com)
Z_Init : Allocated 8064Kb zone memory
 found C:\ZDoom/doom2.wad
IWAD found: C:\ZDoom/doom2.wad
SvStrife (built Sep 11 2005), playing: Strife: Quest for the editing specs
SvStrife is released under the GNU General Public license v2.0.
You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.
It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the file COPYING for details.
M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults.
 default file: C:\svstrife/svstrife.cfg
I_SetRes: Using resolution 640x480
V_Init: allocate screens.
D_InitNetGame: Checking for network game.
W_Init: Init WADfiles.
 adding C:\ZDoom/doom2.wad
 adding C:\ZDoom/doom2.gwa
 adding svstrife.wad
 adding VOICES.WAD

M_Init: Init miscellaneous info.
R_Init: Init DOOM refresh daemon - 
R_InitData: Textures Flats Sprites 
R_Init: R_InitPlanes R_InitLightTables R_InitSkyMap R_InitTranslationsTables 
P_Init: Init Playloop state.

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Also there was something that I missed and that was the machine in map14. It was suppose to give the player a quest token as well as increase his stamina and accuracy, which that too has been fixed.

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Sorry to bump again, but svstrife has been updated once again, this time I've taken care most of the bugs that I missed and hopfully will be the last update until I move the port over to 2.3.0..

Now for the video issues, these were present in prboom so there is nothing I can do about that. Also there is another issue with the weapon sprites during mouselook on 1024x768 resolutions..

You can only have a resolution of either 320x200 or 640x480. 800x600 crashes the engine for no reason and 1024x768 is unstable. I do have plans to move Svstrife to Prboom 2.3.0 since it improved its video code. The source code has been updated as well. Also please feel free to post any bugs or anything that I missed. Thanks and enjoy..

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