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my maps (still cant play)

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yeah so i still dont get this, i make my map and save it as map.WAD. But when i run doom2 and i select it in the custom wad part of the game perameters, none of the levels change and i just play entryway. HOW DO I PLAY MY MAPS??

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Ok, look here and you can see from within DB itself you can test your maps. I keep zdoom, the main iwads and all my other wads in a single directory

select it in the custom wad part of the game perameters

You aren't using doom95 by chance, are you?

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k994 said:

is that bad? or wrong?

Yes. Well it isn't wrong, but doom95 sucks it hard. Most everyone is going to suggest using a modern source port. Like zdoom.

k994 said:

no its just map.wad

The .wad files are simply containers for maps and graphics and other lump files. You can name it whatever the hell you want. When you make a map in db, you have to specify a map number your map will replace, for example MAP01 or MAP18 for doom2 or E2M5 or E1M1 for doom or whatever. Just use MAP01.

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