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I prefer doomsday/ jdoom for playing. It looks a lot nicer than the others to me. My only problem is figuring out how to add the dehacked files when using doomsday. Anyone know how? (btw, I'm not a programmer or map builder. I only play Doom, not design).

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In Snowberry go to Addons then click the '+' button. Then simply find the file on your HD, pick it from the list and click Install.

From now on it will be listed in the Addons tree. When you want to use it put a tick in the box next to it before you click launch.

Additionaly, if you keep all your WADS n stuff in a particular folder you can add this folder to Snowberrys list of Addon folders. Click the 'Defaults' button on the top left, click 'settings'. On the right tab you will see an option to add a "Custom Addon Folder". Click the '+' button and then navigate to your WAD folder. Once you've added a folder all your PWADs, PK3s, DEDs, DEHs and .addons will appear in the Addons tree under the addon tab. They are also sorted and categorised automatically for you.

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Snowberry is the new offical Doomsday launcher. Ver 1.0 comes packaged in with 1.8.6

However 1.1 (which is far better than 1.0) is only available in the current Doomsday 1.9.0 beta builds. Although they are beta they are perfectly fine for everyday use other than a couple of very minor bugs.

Snowberry is similar to KickStart but offers a much more intuitive interface and a lot more features.

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