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Using Dehacked with Doom95

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Hey Doomworld, I just wanted to know if there was any possible way to get DeHacked 3.1 to patch Doom95 (for Ultimate DooM); I'm creating my first project that plans to be compatible with Doom95 (and in that sense all source ports) and I hoped I could get DeHacked working with it, but 3.1 seems to only support old doom.exe as Doom95 came out later I believe...

I tried using WhackEd and saving files that DeHacked could put into Doom95.exe but DeHacked doesn't like the .exe

Anyone know of a way to get Doom95.exe patched?

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No, you can't use dehacked with Doom95 at all.

Dehacked works by directly hacking the original DOS exes. Most source ports have dehacked support built in to them: they can read the dehacked format and implement the changes that are intended by it.

Doom95 was more or less a straight port of the DOS exe (for Ultimate Doom) to Windows, and its source code has never been released (making unofficial patches or modifications very difficult to say the least). This means that the direct hack doesn't work, and it doesn't have port-style deh support either.

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"No, you can't use dehacked with Doom95 at all."

Taking this into account, would it be alright if I just insert a DEHACKED lump so that 'most source ports' would recognize it and leave an extra .deh file for those that don't?

If so I plan to create a PWAD that works with all source ports except vanilla DooM.

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I'm not sure if aside from Boom there are any engines that accept DeHackEd input but don't read the DEHACKED lump, at least in their latest versions.

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