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Um, compatibility issues with the ACS Compiler?

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I've been using the Doom Builder compiler to write all the ACS for my WADs, for quite some time now. But today I crack it open and get this error message when I go to compile.

16 bit MS-DOS Sybsystem

C:\\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.

I've never had this problem before. And while I'm not the only one who uses this computer, I certainly haven't made any changes to my system. Any sugguestions for a quick fix?

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It's not the "doom builder compiler", so it's most like not got anything to do with DB directly. Unfortunately I don't have any answers for a "quick fix".

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No, it's not a problem with Doom Builder per se, it's a problem with system compatability. Any ideas as to what system files I might need to download to get this running again?

[edit] Windows XP Pro SP 2

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Those instructions might have been helpfull, accept I can't even access my command prompt (no apparently, although I was just using it yesterday...). So it seems the problem is more than that. I was hoping CodeImp might know wich system files I would need to download so I could at least get the ACS compiler working again...

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