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Horrible Doom Movie Poster Revealed

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Who gives a shit about a crappy poster anyway.I love how constantly everyone has to find something to complain about. The trailers for the movie are looking pretty good, and people are looking forwards to it now BUT OMG THE POSTER SUCKS LETS ALL BITCH.

I would say 90% of movie posters/advertisements are crap.

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Juras_Avis said:

Did anyone look at the scope of that weapon? It appears to have the image of a mountain on it.

it DOES look like the e1 sky, does it not?

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I don't mind it. It looks like something for a game. They should have used the full logo, though; it's too plain there.

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Mogul said:

He's got a real life/CS/Farcry weapon. Funny. :)

The P90 SMG, a 50 round 5.7mm (armor piercing round) "Personal Defense Weapon" with a 1x zoom scope standard. It is commonly paired with the 20 round FN Fiveseven pistol.

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Wow. This is the first time i've seen a doom movie thing that I can really say sucks. I mean jesus, that SUCKS. I thought when I saw the link that it couldn't be that bad, I thought everyone overreacted about a lot of doom movie stuff, but this has me scared.

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kristus said:

I'm sure everyone is very impressed by your disturbingly exstensive knowledge of handguns.

Or the fact that A) BBG plays too much CS, B) BBG does gun reviews on CSNation.

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