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I have been using DB for nearly a year now , and I like it very much. I make maps for Sonic Robo Blast 2, DB is nicely suited for making maps for it.
Here's what I'm working on currently:
Did I join just to say that?
No. I'd like to make a few suggestions.
1) Make the Things and the Map "copy-pasteable" at the same time.
2) When making a Thok Barrier(a sector that is made around the whole map that has the same ceiling and floor height) the textures that are on the impassible wall get replaced with the Thok Barrier's lower texture. That's really annoying when making big maps.
3) How about adding SRB2's cfg file? http://www.freewebs.com/foxboy_tourny/srb2.cfg
Made for 1.08 .
4) What is that red line that appears when the map gets big? BLOCKMAP? Overflow? Sometimes I need to strech the lines(for the Thok Barrier), and when I reach the red line DB closes with an error(21, I think), erasing all unsaved data.
5)When I try to replace an unknown texture(like F_SKY1), I press tab, and DB closes with an error, erasing all unsaved data.
These are my suggestions, and they're based on making maps for SRB, only.

Keep up the good work! :)

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I doubt you'll get CodeImp to add a config for your modification to the official distribution. The only configs he includes are for source ports, not specific mods.

As for the red line, that's the size limit on Doom maps; -32767 to 32768 in both X and Y. If you draw outside of it, there's no guarantee that the editor or Doom won't screw up.

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Only a suggestion, it's CodeImp's choise to add the cfg file(for 1.08, though the newest version of the game is 1.09).
SRB2 is not a my mod, it's a game based on the Doom Legacy source. Info at srb2.org.

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