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Hello to everybody !

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I'm new right here so I introduce myself.

I'm Denis from France and a Doom addict (of course !)
Not a very good player but I try to...
I'm 25 and live in a south suburb close to Paris
(about 10 meters if I'm right...)
My nickname is mr.8 (but the "." isn't allowed here...)
Why ? A kind of joke nothing more.
When I saw "Resevoir Dogs", I was blown away, and I decided
to take a nickname with a number and not a color.
(It seems stupid but it's just for fun)

I've read many of your messages here and have some great fun most of the time.
I replay Doom with the Zdoom port on Win2k OS.
(I'm learning how to replay this historical game !)

I could have registered on this site before but
I was waiting for a DSL connection (and installing a new hard drive !)
So I'm a beginner on the net as you might understand !
(at home, but I've already use it in my friends'home of course)

I've made some Doom's maps a couple of years ago.
Just the drawing, not wads !!!
Because I really don't know how to make wads.
It's really to hard for me...
Now they are available on the Elbryan42's site !
(Thanx for that man !)
I hope you'll enjoy those ones.

Well, I hope my american speaking is not too weird
because I don't speak it fluently...
So, if I make some mistakes, please correct me OK ?
(and not with a BFG or something like that please)

See you !

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Actually your English is pretty good, no reason why someone would need to correct it unless you want to learn it a lot faster. I find corrections to my grammar and spelling annoying, so I'll treat you the way I like to treated ;p

(I liked your funny at the end hehe)

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