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ok I found it with google:
http://www.geocities.com/b4doomgl/ Indeed the download on the site doesn't work.

I've been reading the site and came to the conclusion that the author is planning on selling this mod once it is finished.

With the amount of work already done the game can have a scheduled release of just 1-2 months! This means MAXIMUM PROFITS.

The original makers of DOOM and Hexen will be licencing their products into this game. id Software, Ravensoft, and Activision will display their logos on the packaging. The strongest suggestion however, is to include B4DooM as a bonus to the soon to be released DOOM 3. Being the prequel and using the original DOOM engine, plus of course being the prequel, B4DooM would be an ideal co-release with a game that is set to make history once more.

Yeah.. like that's gonna happen...

The screens look good and I hope it will get finished soon, but I don't think it's a good idea to try and sell doom mods.

One thing that puzzles me is this:

The original free version of B4DooM for the PC is in the Top 10 of 3775 DOOM "mods". (The market is proven and already there.)

I've never heard of such a thing...

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Ew. He planned to sell this pile of ripware?

Funny how the updates end in 2003. A big truck must have run Chris Syrimes and the rest of "Indigo Rain development" (those programmers that are too many to mention) over.

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