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zdoom netlan

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I'm setting up a netlan at home with my 2 pc's and dont even know where to begin setting up for 2 player doom. My connection is thru ethernet cards. I have zdoom v.96, doomCE, doomIICE, and final doomCE. Do I need any other software? Specific instructions would be awesome please :)

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Assuming you are running WindowsXP on both machines through a dumb network device:
1) install zdoom. extract(or install Doom CE and move the Iwads) the Iwads to the zdoom directory on both machines.
2) make sure the version and Iwad version are the same on both machines.
3) loosen or disable your firewall to allow the systems to talk to each other.
4) make sure you have the appropriate TCP or UDP network adapters installed on both systems.
5) setup a zdoom batchfile as documented in the zdoom textfiles and the DW forum multiplayer FAQ thread:
note: one machine is net 1 the other is net 2.
both hosts must start the game this way.

start with something basic before you try playing skulltagdm1 4-player.

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