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I just made a wad-someone sent me a demo

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he said to zip it up and include it when I upload to newstuff, I thought demos weren't allowed. Which one of us is confused?

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You are allowed to include external demos( .lmp files) or internal lumps with wads that are submitted to 3dgamers ftp.

Demos by themselves were once allowed, I think it has been awhile since someone uploaded one... perhaps that is frowned upon now... I'd contact the archive admin if you have questions outside the FAQs and READMEs.

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The archive's rules mention "demos" twice, but meaning different things:

4. No demos or partially completed megawads. If you're not done with it, it doesn't belong in an archive.

This means demo versions of unfinished projects (and there's some leeway on this - if it is a set of fully finished maps, it may very well be OK; the idea is to keep out half-finished maps, etc.).

3. There is no active "LMP" (demos) area. Don't upload demo files here--they will be deleted.

So, demos (as in recordings) are indeed rejected except, as Opulent says, when included with a wad that is being uploaded.

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