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Weird DooM Builder Error

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Sorry for posting A problem with doombuilder here, but oh well, I just dont think it fits directly under DooMBuilder forum, please move it if you think it needs moving.

Anyways on to the problem. I seem to have a 2 sided line Definition, and on one side the ceiling is higher than the other, I textured this part, but on the other side, there seems to be some overhang, but there is no Sector error. It also shows the -NoTexture- in game.
Im not shure, but could it have something to do with the verticies?

BTW Im mapping for Skulltag(Hexen in DooM).

Here is a Screen shot of my woes:


If you need more information in order to help, Post here and tell me what you need. :)

-Edit- that picture is kinda small, Oh well, Ill post another one later if its needed.

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The screenshot is much too small to see anything...
Anyway, your problem might be that one of the sinedefs are assigned to the wrong sector!
Also make sure there aren´t several linedefs sharing the same two vertices, without automatically joining (sometimes happens for some reason).

If you still can´t find the problem, i think it´s best to post your map (or the map-part in question) here!

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Actually I fixed it... Yeah it was really weird, what I had to do, was join the ajacent sector, then I had to delete the line, and then redraw the sector that I joined to it, and then the problem went away... But i still say it had something to do with the verticies...

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