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Is there a port where... (death frames)

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I'm sure many ports are capable. Edge and jDoom have their respective definitions, and you could use the Heretic frames in Legacy.

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EDGE supports attack based deaths, which means you can have unique death animations for each and every attack if you want to. In addition to that you can do different deaths based on wether a projectile killed a monster when hitting it, or if the splash damage killed it.

With some nifty DDF code using random jumps you can have a number of versions for each death.

So you can do, say, 4 different "hit by bullet, fall down" animations and then another 3 "cut in half" and then 5 different "melted by hot plasma" sequences and then an extra 2 "somewhat melted by hot plasma" from the new plasma splash damage you added (if you wanted to :) ).

Of course, this all assumes you have the time and patience to do all those frames . The actual coding is very simple.

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Well, I kinda strated with the creation of burn-death-animations for all (or most) of the standard doom enemys.
I had to break it up because of more impotant stuff though :/

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Xanthier said:

has anybody had the patience to attempt this?

I've added custom burning-death animations to a good portion of my weapon mods for ZDoom and EDGE, notably WW-XM, WW-DI, WW-OPM, and WW-DIZD. They only work on the zombies and imps, though, because bigger monsters aren't so likely to catch fire like that.

Oh, and ZDoom has support for freezing deaths (which it'll dynamically create frames for if you don't specify your own), also seen in WW-XM.

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