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Naked Snake

Strife Story WIP

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http://bbg.ath.cx/strife.html - now with partial Chapter 5. This thing will be huge, I plan on editing it once I'm done, making the chapters into seperate HTML files, etc.

Like the title says, WIP

Chapter 4 - Cleaning up the streets

"Who the Hell are you?" the man in the red tunic whispered, his eyes wide with fear yet his face filled with hope. His large hands were rubbing eachother quickly, a sign of his paranoia. Jarek casually noticed the gold ring on his right hand.
"I'm Jarek, I'm supposed to get you out of here," he lied "but I need to know what you told them." though he wasn't asked to, he wanted to make sure the man didn't speak.
"I don't want to leave, this is sanctuary! If I turn in the Front then the Order won't kill me! I haven't been interviewed yet and when I am, the Front is going down." he said in a huff. Jarek had heard enough. He kicked the man in the stomach and he fell to his knees. With a brutal blow Jarek's punch dagger severed the man's neckbone. Jarek kicked him over, spilling coins from the man's pocket, 25 of them. Jarek collected them and the ring quickly as he heard footsteps outside the door. He jumped over the bed and as the door swung open he pushed it over on its side. He dropped down to his belly as bullets ripped through the thin fabric. Jarek lept to his feet and sidestepped around the bed, targeting one of the two combatants standing in the doorway. His crossbow sent an electric bolt into the chest of the first soldier, stunning him. He dropped his weapon and fell to the ground. The second bolt loaded automatically and Jarek fired again, this round struck the second bastard's face. This fried the man's brain, killing him instantly. The mercenary walked up to the stunned soldier and casually stepped on his throat, crushing the windpipe beneath his boot. He choked and his eyes were as wide as large marbles. He tried to stand but Jarek kicked his kneecap in such a way as to break it instantly. Jarek went around the corner and faced a dilemma. There was a door to the left and a door straight. The door in front of him was steel and the second door was wooden. He decided the wooden door was more likely to be unlocked and checked it. Inside was a sleeping guard and tables of various medical and soldier gear. Jarek took an ammo pouch and put clips in it, just in case he could find an assault gun to keep. He put on a metal armor vest and folded a leather vest and put it in his satchel. He also found some gold and some bandages, as well as medkits. He found another pack that would fit on his belt that would hold medical supplies. The sleeping guard grumbled and turned. Jarek thought it was odd the man would sleep in his full armor. This didn't matter as he thrust a poison bolt into the man's stomach. As Jarek left the room he noticed a switch he missed when he was collecting items. When he flipped it a grinding noise sounded outside the room. Jarek opened the door and saw the steel door was opened now. He went into the room and as he brushed past a pillar he noticed another switch with an old, dusty label that read "steps". He punched it and steps raised in the room that was opened to allow access to a door. Jarek ran to the door and opened it. He stepped out onto a brick deck that was across from the tavern and the area Jarek needed to go. The door shut behind him and he was positive nobody saw him as he rushed down the steps and into the sewage area to meet Rowan.

Rowan was looking down at his desk reading some charts when the warrior entered.
"He's dead? You have the ring of that traitorous bastard?" he asked with obvious relief. Jarek nodded as he set the ring on the counter.
"Excellent, the man you killed was about to reveal the location of some of my...associates." he began slyly as he reached under his counter "There's a gang of thieves hanging around the old Town Hall. They've only been camping in the back hall but if they start snooping around or if their actions brought the attention of the Order. I need you to sneak in the back and kill them, there are 4 of them. They will probably be lightly armed and whatever you find you can keep." Jarek turned around and went out the door.

Jarek was at the bridge in front of the old Town Hall, looking at the front of it. One finely guilded door was blown apart down the middle, it was barely hanging on its rusted hinge, the second door was completely obliterated. So was most of the front of the building. The sign reading "Town Hall" was horribly burned, making it read "OWN ALL" though half the A was obscured too. Above it, written in now-dry human blood was an odd symbol...

The mercenary crept around back, the side had a small hole but it was covered by rubble from the second floor area. The far back was very close to the gate of the Prison. A man wandered around behind it, he approached Jarek hastily, holding his hands up as a sign of non-agression.
"Hey, for 5 coins I'll tell you a secret!" Not one to pass up on possibly useful information, Jarek handed over the coins. He pocketed them and spoke again, this time in a low voice. "If you kill silently, guards won't come!" he said with a smile.
Jarek grinned slightly.
His fist darted forth.
The man lay dead, his eye and the bridge of his nose ripped to shreds. Jarek searched him and found 20 coins, and retrived his 5.
"Idiot," he spat at the corpse. He dragged the corpse over near the side of the prison, where nobody would see it in the thick brush. Eventually they would smell it...
Jarek climbed in the back of the ruined Town Hall and surveyed the room. He went down the ruined corridor and noticed a wooden door that was still intact. He also noticed a staircase in front of the wooden door on the other side of the corridor he was in. It was collapsed however, there was no way to go upstairs. Around the corner, near a collapsed wall was a camp of drunken sloths lazily sprawled about on the floor on thick blankets. They lay in messy tunics amongst scattered bottles of booze and piles of vomit. Jarek put the silencer on his pistol and stepped towards them slowly. He picked up the first weapon he saw near a guy, a Sawed-Off Hunter's Gun, it had a nice, now ruined sawed off stock and a wooden grip. Jarek put it in his bag out of sight, along with the shells next to the weapon. The other men were armed with a pistol, a crossbow and a long knife. Jarek took the last and jammed it into the throat of the owner. Pulling it out he moved to the next drunken thief, who had not heard his friend expire. It was his turn, and he managed to at least open his eyes as the knife sunk in. He groaned in terror before it was able to cut off all sound and it alerted the other two. Jarek acted swiftly, shooting them in the face quickly as they rose. He found a large bag of coins and some medical packs, which he stored. He also found a targeter device which allowed him better accuracy. The door behind him opened and a large man with blonde hair and a scarred face stepped into the room. He was wearing a type of body armor and leg armor. He clutched an assault gun.
"Thanks for your help, I'll get these corpses outta here for you." he said, walking towards Jarek. "Rowan said you'd take these clowns out silently, I barely heard a peep. I checked, nobody outside heard a thing and no alarms sounded, so you did good..." he handed Jarek a small bag of coins. "Go visit Rowan, he has something for you."
Jarek nodded and left the same way he came in.

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