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From WA to DB - some minor pains here

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Oh I have post it here a couple of days earlier, passed over the DB forum :(

Well, DB is great combination of features and usability, and now I'm trying to learn much of its editing power. As a longtime WadAuthor addict I have a few hard moments in DoomBuilder. You know, some new interface paradigms aren't always clear for a convert.

There are questions:
- what is the most effective way to make curved stairs _inside_ existing sector and curved stairs in general (step by step guide would be great)?
- how can I split a child sector inside existing one? Those highlights are mess for me...

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For the stairs this could be possible if you know how to split a sector.
First you have a sector with two narrow ends going the ways you want and two sides connecting them.

Second you curve the two sides the same way (Same number of vertices, similar curve)

Last, you split the sector by connecting opposite verticies. This may work, i have NOT tried it. I have trouble doing curves too.

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thats a basic thing to do its all about pasting sectors and overlapping and stuff. this is just my style of making wads and it will take too long to go into the full details about it

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