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New glBSP

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Andrew Apted writes in that a new version of the GL nodes builder glBSP has been released. Here's what's new in version 2.20:

  • support for building V5 GL-Nodes
  • builds ZDBSP-format regular nodes
  • allow level names longer than 5 letters
  • support for response files (@arglist.rsp)
  • detect/handle the 'One-Sided Window' trick
  • unused sectors are not removed by default
  • duplicate vertices are not merged by default
  • BLOCKMAP lump is left empty if it overflows

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I think that might be a window where the outer texture is sky maybe?

This new version is awesome, rebuilt the (soon to be released) QDOOM version 1.01 for GLEDGE 1.29+ super fast, looks very good. :)

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If you put a one-sided line in the middle of a map, from the front it looks solid, but from the back you can see through it. That's what I mean by "One-sided window" trick. MAP07 of 10SECTO2.WAD is the only example I remember right now (there's a place in MAP14 of DOOM2 where it happens, but it was not intentional).

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That's a two sided line with a middle texture on one side.

A purely one-sided line will be solid (cannot move or shoot through it).

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boris said:

You forgot "gg" and "hf".

wtf hf

Good God, Holy Fuck

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