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Naked Snake

Jarek meets Mourel (portion of Chapter 5 of WIP)

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Hopefully people will recieve this well. Trust me, this thing is gigantic...

....Jarek looked to the left and saw a door and decided to enter. It wasn't his office, instead it was the entrance to the basement. Jarek went downstairs and found an anvil as well as two benches. He found a box labelled "GOLD" which held at least 150 gold. He also nabbed the targeter that was sitting on the bench, as well as a box of tri-claw bolts for his crossbow! He left the basement, making sure nobody heard him open or close the door. The guard was still sleeping soundly, Jarek decided to steal his Tazer as it was laying next to him.
Around the corner at a desk was a man shuffling some papers. He turned and faced Jarek, adjusted his bi-lenses and spoke in a haughty tone.
"Do you have an appointment?" asked the bearded, greasy-haired man. He wore an expensive white tunic with black pants.
"No," Jarek said coldly, "and I don't need one. Mourel expects me." he lied.
The greasy-haired man gulped.
Jarek road the elevator up and crossed a catwalk. Once again, Blackbird spoke.
"God, this guy sickens me...just do whatever he wants and fast to get that pass or else our buddies are toast."
He opened the door and the Govenor sat at his desk. He looked up at Jarek with rage in his eyes.
"First they slaughter hundreds of thousands, now they want to take all able-bodied peasents for...unspecified "tests" and they EXPECT me to keep the peace? Peasents attacking Akolytes, the Front, children being caught stealing from the Order...and they expect ME to keep the peace. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" the angry Govenor asked in a nasal, high voice.
"A Prison Pass...let's make a deal." Jarek said, smiling.
"Ah, I like you already, fellow." he said, flashing a brief smile, which was grusome. Blackbird cut in, silent to Mourel.
"Ugh," she groaned "if he does that again I might puke!"
"I have two chores I really don't want to deal with myself. One is...messy and the other is...bloody..." Mourel offered, trailing off.
"I'm not squemish." Jarek replied, crossing his arms.
"Good. There is a lying sack of shit named Derwin. This greedy mongrel has been selling children and the feeble to the Order. I won't tolerate that kind of depravity...and not recieve some kind of cut." he chuckled and at that moment, Jarek wanted to hurt him extremely bad. "He works in the Order Warehouse in the Power Station. I want you to kill him and bring me back his...hmm, ear, yes...and I'll see what I can do." he said sweetly, smiling again.
"Urrg, there it goes!" Blackbird joked, hopefully.

More to come.

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ravage said:

You're ripping htis off almost directly from Strife

Well jerkstore, if you wait and see, I plan on adding tons of original material. In fact, in Strife you only have to do one thing for Rowan before joining the Front, in my story he has you do two tasks before he gives you the stuff to talk to Blackbird (plus other g00dies)

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