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HUGE Doom3 problem. Can't patch to 1.3

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To make a long story short...

I uninstalled doom3 which was patched to 1.3 and tried to reinstall and now when i attempt to patch the game with 1.3 the installer says i already have the patch which i do not. I removed every single registry keu with the word "Doom" in it and still get the same response. This really sucks because now i can't play multiplayer as everyone else is using the 1.3 patch. If only i knew what all the reg values for the patch were?!
Anyone have a clue how to fix this?

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This seems to work for many people:

Get this program from microsoft, install it, and run it. You should get a window that looks something like this. Simply delete that doom 3 1.3 entry and run the patch again.

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