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LAN games not working.

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I create a LAN game on my first PC, and my second can't seem to detect, nor connect to the game. It also can't see nor connect to any internet games either, although my first does.

Other games seem to be having the same trouble. Including Skulltag, Diablo 2, and Quake 3.

The LAN cable is functioning fine, as I've tested with various sharing things.

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I am assuming you not only want to play online, but between the two boxes.

Both systems have access to the internet, but can they 'see' each other.
Assuming you have WindowsXP:
RUN -> cmd
ipconfig (Is your assigned IP address on the same subnet as your other machine? I would assume that you are issued a DHCP address from your cablemodem or ISP -- if you have a static IP (dsl, etc..) then you may need a router for both machines to get out)

ping <ip address of other machine>

reasons why that wouldn't work:
a) if you have a network device(router, etc) that is blocking certain network layers(ports, services, sockets, IP ranges, devices)
b) you have a software firewall (XP's firewall or otherwise) that is blocking ports, programs, or interfaces.
c) Your ISP is blocking you. they can filter ports, etc...
Can your second machine see the internet? Perhaps your ISP (even at your cablemodem if that is your routing device) is only routing one MAC address at a time.

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Not sure if anyone'll read this, but I'm bumping it.

I have 2 computers here, one connected through a line and the other Wi-fi, both running Vista. I'm trying to play a local co-op game through LMS. When I click on the LAN tab, I can't find the other computer. I've gone into the networking properties of both PCs, opened port 27666 on TCP and UDP, tried starting a game on either one... the other one never finds the server. Is there anything else I should try?

Hell, I could even try setting up a dedicated server on my laptop, but I'm trying to minimize my effort.

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