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Creating Colored Light?

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I'm assuming this will be done in a similar way to that of making 3D floors, by creating a dummy sector, giving it an action and taging it to the sector you wish to have the colored light in it.

I've read lots of tutorials about colored light but they dont seem to work in doombuilder.

Any help on this will be great thanks, and clear explanations would be much appriciated.


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I dont know how colored lighting works, but maybe the ZDoom Wiki can help you.

If it works the way you describe it, then its just as possible in Doom Builder as in any other editor. Honestly I cant think of any map editing effects that can not be done with Doom Builder, because all maps are in the same format and effects that are not standard actions/scripts are applied by dummy sectors or dummy things.

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Getting this working is quite simple really. I'm assuming you've set the map type to ZDoom (doom in hexen format).

First you'll want to tag the sector you want to apply the coloured lighting to (in my case the tag would be 1).

Next make a linedef with the linedef action 212. You should see a couple of boxes on the side, set the tag as 1 (or whatever) and the rgb values (0 - 255) for each colour.

By default it will be set to change the lighting colour when the player walks over the linedef so you'll have to put it in a strategic location where the player can trigger it but not see it changing. That or make a script to change it on start or something, i dunno.

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