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Um... *ahem*

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Okay, um...
I've been working on a novel for about 7 months now and Im starting the second draft... However some things need to be tweaked and so forth, I've included them here.

The basic gist is as follows:
Its a scifi-fanstasy novel about this guy who meets this woman who turns out isn't human (physicaly? Mostly...)

However the 'fun' doesnt stop there. Theres an entire race of people like her, and more importantly a secret orginization formed centuries ago set on destroying them.

This is a very general outline of my novel, it highlights the major points of the story while leaving out some of the 'minor' points (such as the characters building relationships, fighting amongst one another and so forth) its about 4 pages long and I was hoping if anyone was feeling brave, maybe they could take a look at it and give me some feedback or ideas they think would make it better or something im not doing right... ANYTHING IS APPRICIATED (minus the 'oh yeah you suck' :P)

Currently the manuscript weighs in at 650 pages (christ.) but im gonna trim it down to about 350 (I know what I'm doing now, yay!)

If something isnt clear please don't hesitate to ask, I geared this more toward myself but I'm hopping someone will be able to get something usefull out of it.


An incomplete character profile that kind of 'highlights' the diffrences between humans and the Kattah race.


As I said, any questions please don't hesitate to ask... I realize I can be a bit 'weird' at times :huh: But I'm hopping something good will come of me posting this on an open fourm...

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first suggestion. make a dramatis personae so we know who your talking about.

second, your overview makes no sense. it just seems like random thoughts of events strung together not giving a real sense of what the story is about. there is no way a good solid opinion can be given about it in that format.

to be honest what I've read does not pique my interest in the full story.

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