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Ressurection of Chaos re-released

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I've made a new release of ROC with a few changes.

The revenants are gone entirely, all of them replaced with cacodemons. This was a tough decision, but I decided the revenants were just too annoying and didn't fit in anyway.
You get more health/ammo per level.
Level 6 is more balanced per class.
Maps have been changed/reworked slightly.
Boss shots are weaker.
Map names changed a bit.

For those who missed it, Ressurection of Chaos is the sequel to Hordes of Chaos, for zDoom Hexen.

Grab it here : http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/roc.zip

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Don't worry about that error. It appears in 2.0.63a, but it's harmless.

It's a script line that's called for 2.0.96. It sets the max ammo to 400/400.

In 2.0.63a all you need to do is give the player a bag of holding, but in 2.0.96 that doesn't work. You need to set the max ammo yourself. Problem is that isn't supported in 2.0.63a, so you get an error message.

Any missing texture errors are just cause I was too lazy to zap all of them. Don't worry about it.

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