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Changing amounts

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Hi. I've just got a little question. Just answer if you can.

How can I change amount of ammo I get from taken clips, amount of ammo I can carry, amount of health I get from medkits? I've returned to D3 after long time and I'd like to make game harder. I was always pissed off because I can carry so much ammo and there are medkits everywhere, so I thought about changing these amounts to make game harder. Thx for help.

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These are handled by the game's definition files. Def files are located in doom3/base/pak000.pk4. pk4 files can be opened with any unzipping program. In fact you can just change the extension "pk4" to "zip" and use windows explorer to view the contents.

Let's say you wanted to adjust the player's maximum possible health. Go into pak000.pk4 and open up player.def. Scroll down until you see:
"maxhealth" "100"

Change that to whatever you like and your maximum health will be adjusted accordingly.

Player.def also contains values for max ammo:
"max_ammo_shells" "320"

Change that to alter the max amount of shotgun shells you can carry.

Take a look at ammo.def to change how much an ammo pickup will give you:
"inv_ammo_shells" "8"

Changing that will alter how much the small shell box will give you. There's a seperate value for large shell boxes.

Here's a fun one. Open up weapon_shotgun.def and look for the following line:
"clipSize" "8"

This defines how many shells the shotgun will hold when fully loaded. Try changing that to something like "100" and the doomguy will spend a looong while loading shells into his shotgun.

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One more thing. Everything works with the exception of ammo-pickups. I have changed ammo and medkits amounts but nothing happens. For example I've changed armor shard to give 2 armor points instead of 5 but it still gives me 5... Same for ammo and medkits.

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