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Imps Wear Boxer-Shorts! With Hearts on Them!

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For those of you that peer at profiles, mine states I enjoy role-playing. Well, at the chatroom I frequent I occassionally bring in two PC-game Characters, the Syndicate Union Boss and ClassicDOOM Imp Slither, and his pseudo-lackey, the Duke Nukem Enforcer Shabrinigdo.

I guess people like it when I don these personas, 'cause a fellow chatter of mine drew them both during his "chibi month."

Look! Observe! Comment! Enjoy!

'Cause there hadn't been a post here in a couple days, and that makes me sad.


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Imps wearing clothes cleary goes agaisnt the description in Imp Encounter, which the definite source for all things Imp, along with sexual relations with demons. I highly reccomend that you reverse this error ASAP before Imp Encounter's many followers (me included) catch wind of this and stone you to death.

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Obviously, I'm not as much of an impse fan as you seem to be. You enjoy your interpretation, I'll enjoy mine, thank you. :)

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Hey, my eyes grew back! Besides, you know what they say:

"Impse makes the world go round!"

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Do I have to go all godmodey and Mary Sue on you people? 'Cause I will . . . :-P

Heh, thanks udderdude. If you have a DevART account, you can check out the dude's other art, leave comments, all that jazz.

But please, people, no death threats. :-P That's just mean.

And, for the record, the DOOM Imp pictured here, his name is Slither. He wears the boxers for modesty purposes; he works with humans, and despite not having genitalia (but he does have a butt-hole, yes this I know), humans have this strange thing about wearing clothes, so this is his attempt to work on their level. After all, it's not about him, it's about the people he represents. If wearing a pair of boxers is going to get the needs of his people heard, well, he's going to wear a pair of boxers.

Syndicate Union, yeah!

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