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Naked Snake

The skulltag chronicals

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Deimos panted, tucking the shotgun close to his chest, waiting for some poor fool to come rushing around the corner. His waiting payed of as the newbie, Pluto, ran around the corner of the intertwining corridor. Deimos fired, sending a wave of deadly buckshot B.B.s toward Pluto. They struck his back, stinging his flesh like thousands of angry bees. Pluto grunted with pain and whirled around, pointing his SSG at Deimos. Deimos fired again, this time striking Pluto's neck, showering the surrounding area with a pool of blood. Deimos smiled with a sense of satisfaction. Another day, another corpse. Heh. He chuckled at the silent joke, but was ignorant to the fact that Pluto was a little behind him, carrying a Rocket Launcher.

The thump of a rocket firing made Deimos's eyes go wide, and he felt the heat of the explosion on his armor clad back. He stuggled to get up but another rocket sent him flying into the air, his bloody, battered body smacking the wall with a dull thud. Deimos was hardly alive when he saw the final rocket flying towards him. It hit and his body was wracked with pain as his internal organs and bones were exposed to light, for his body had exploded into a crimson rain of blood and gore.

"Suck it down" Pluto said into his throat mic.
"Sure" said another voice. Who was it?
"Arg. Its Crash" said Deimos, his voice gravely from the respawn process.
"Hi cutie" Crash said.
"Um...was that to me or *gunshot* FUCK! ARG!" Pluto was saying, but Crash took the advantage to shoot Pluto in the back with a SSG.
"Stupid newb..." Crash said.

Deimos was in another part of the small installation, he looked around for a weapon and found a few good ones. A Rocket Launcher and a Grenade Launcher. A grin, from ear to ear, surfaced across his grizzeled face as he snatched up the guns, ready for some serious action...

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