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doom 3 crash

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Ok, Im assuming you've ensured that you meet the minumum specs and have updated your drivers as well as updating doom 3 to the latest version (1.3)

A common cause of crashing at level load is configuration "tweaking". I.e. making changes to image_useCache, image_cacheMegs, or image_cacheMinK. If you've made changes to these, please undo them or delete your config file so that doom3 will write a new one.

I've read a few stories of people having problems with saved games due to their doom 3 directory being tagged as "read only". Seems like a rare problem but it's worth checking on.

That said, can you give us a little more info? Does this only happen on a particular level? Do you have any mods installed (some people had save game crashes with a particular classic doom mod, for example)? Like Ducon said up above, does doom 3 ever dump you back to the main menu? If so, it would be helpful to look through the error log in the console by pressing ctrl+alt+~. Warnings are highlighted in yellow, fatal errors in red.
Posting your specs would have been nice too.

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