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Tension has relieved....somewhat

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I didn't mean to get off on a rant on my thread entitled "WTF IS THIS??????", so I deleted it.

Well, sort of in continuation of that, a certain friend of mine (the name has been hidden to protect the innocent......ME!) informed me just a few mins ago from posting this thread that he checked out the GameStop where he reserved his GBA Doom, and let the cat out of the bag by telling me the box cover is after all the one submitted by Hellchick.

You can send me to Host Pell now. ;)

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Right on, I'll be getting me a copy of one of these beauties.

I never really beat Doom, believe it or not.

Infact I never owned a copy of Doom either.

Please kill me.

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I hate it when miscommunication happens =)

Actually I've played the first two episodes of Original Doom, but I've never owned a copy.

I bought Doom2 back in 94/95, then purchased Tricks of the Doom Gurus at that time as well. Thats when I started mapping.

So as you can see, I'm here for the same reason you are. hehe

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Eh? Boxes are that cool?

Not just cool, but works of art! That's why I keep them; I respect the artist for taking his or her time to make a piece like that, plus the fact that just simply throwing away the box is wasting material.

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